"THIS WILL KILL YOU" goes international with UK publisher Constable & Robinson rushing out a version for the Queen and her subjects.

For Boys Only: The Biggest Baddest Book Ever" is now an official "down under" publication with a whole new section devoted specifically to Australian content. Now you can learn all about what to beware of while out on walkabout.

"THIS WILL KILL YOU" is a Quality Paperback Book primary selection this month. And Men's Fitness ranked it as one of "10 Things That Matter To Men."

"For Boys Only: The Biggest Baddest Book Ever" was selected by the New York Public Library as one of its "Books For The Teen Age: 2008." Newquist and co-author Marc Aronson participated in the ceremony at the Library's announcement.

For Boys Only: The Biggest Baddest Book Ever" was chosen by the American Library Association as a "Quick Pick" for readers of all ages.


This is all the way back to 2009 . . .

HP Newquist
has been doing the rounds on talk radio for THIS WILL KILL YOU. From Philadelphia to Phoenix, Florida to New Mexico, the summer of '09 is full of the ways in which we go. Check out the THIS WILL KILL YOU website for even more.

HP Newquist
revisited Philadelphia's Dom Giordano on WPHT to talk about his books -- on March 31, 2009.

appeared on Sirius Satellite's "Dean & DeVore Show" with co-author Marc Aronson to promote "For Boys Only: The Biggest Baddest Book Ever."

Newquist also appeared on the nationally syndicated "The Lou Dobbs Show" to talk about
For Boys Only with Lou.

Newquist spent an afternoon with Philadelphia's Dom Giordano on WPHT to talk about the kinds of books that kids are reading today.


The newest book by HP Newquist is "This Will Kill You" is here now. Co-written with Rich Maloof and published by St. Martin's Press, "This Will Kill You" is a humorously dark look at the myriad ways in which we go. From unexpected encounters with alligators to getting struck by lightning on the 18th hole of your favorite golf course on to contracting the plague and public executions, there are hundreds of strange and even preferred ways in which we end up meeting our Maker.

"This Will Kill You" goes beyond the curiosity factor and describes exactly what happens to you when these events happen to you. It describes how the body reacts to these events and provides the kind of specifics that would make a medical school professor proud. It also contains unusual facts, bits or trivia, and enough detail to last you a lifetime. However long that might be.