For Boys Only1

For Boys Only: The Biggest, Baddest Book Ever

"A great writer named Alan Bennett once said that the fun of writing is finding out things you didn't know you knew.
FOR BOYS ONLY is about another kind of fun: Finding out things. Because if there is one thing that boys like more than having stuff, it is finding out about stuff. Trust me, I've got three boys of my own, and that's something I know."
— Mike Lupica, author of
Travel Team, Heat, Summer Ball, and the new Comeback Kids series

“How could you not love a book with monsters, treasures, disasters, tricks, weapons, and Lamborghinis—a must have book for every boy adventurer.”
— Jon Scieszka, author and
Guys Read program founder

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Praise for For Boys Only:

“Filled with facts, puzzles, stats, stories and more, For Boys Only: The Biggest, Baddest Book Ever by Marc Aronson and HP Newquist offers up information on favorite subjects . . . Printed with black and red text and illustrated throughout, this graphically fresh and topically diverse collection should capture the imagination of its target audience.” —Publishers Weekly

“Kids who read For Boys Only won’t realize it, but this treasure trove of information is a tribute to the joys of research. Like The Dangerous Book for Boys, this contains several how-to articles; unlike that best seller, it doesn’t limit itself so narrowly in scope. That certainly helps it earn the ‘baddest’ of its subtitle . . . Designed with cool icons and laid out with an aim to be friendly for Internet-savvy eyes, For Boys Only is the book to get the ‘XY-chromosomer’ on your gift list. Get one for yourself, too, because you’ll learn a lot from it, as well.” —Oklahoma Gazette

“In a tone both light and humorous, Newquist and Aronson aim to please by assembling a tantalizing assortment of codes, puzzles, best lists, brief history and science facts, instructions for fake blood and the ultimate Frisbee, and even advice about facing up to a shark (“try not to bleed too much”) . . . this offers lots of good fun, and with so much chick lit available, it’s nice to see special attention being paid to boys. In fact, there’s nothing here to keep girls away but the title.” —Booklist

"Marc Aronson and HP Newquist’s For Boys Only: The Biggest, Baddest Book Ever, may be an even cooler treasure trove of knowledge—both useful and arcane—than the runaway hit The Dangerous Book for Boys. It downplays the studied nostalgia for a more Internet-savvy, here-and-now approach. With a cool, icon-driven design, its scattered, uncategorized contents touch on everything from great moments in video games to how to best survive a shark attack.” —Bookgasm

“This book was awesome and filled with amazing facts. I mean who knew that there was a wave of molasses 10 feet high! This book has neat info for everyone!” —Walker Downs, 12 years old