The Great Brain Book
The Great Brain Book is "an inside look at the inside of your head." It tells you everything you'd ever want to know about the brain--how it works, what it's made of, how it gets operated on, and how scientists have studied it over the centuries.

Brain Cover Korea

A lot of people all over the world have been saying nice things about it. For instance:

The American Library Association Nomination: "Best Books For Young Adults" for 2006.

The National Science Teachers Association and the Children's Book Council: Outstanding Science Book.

The Childrens Book-of-the-Month Club: Main Selection.

The Midwest Book Review: "An excellent owner's manual."

The School Library Journal: "An excellent resource" and "a handsome addition" to any library.

Booklist: With an appealing, colorful design and a flashy cover, this in-depth introduction to the human brain and its remarkable powers will attract browsers, but strong readers are its best audience. The clever, kid-friendly anecdotes amid the anatomy lessons also enhance accessibility.

Not only that, but it's already been translated into Korean and Arabic.

Description: What’s inside your head anyway and how does it work? Let’s take a look. First, we need to crack open the brain box – the skull. Then, layer by layer we look at all the parts of the brain to discover what each one controls. Zooming down to the microscopic level, we zero in on neurons, the keys to everything we do. Studying the brain has a long history – and some of it is gruesome.

From the Egyptians, who scooped brain bits out through the noses of corpses, to Phineas Gage, who had a spike shot through his brain and lived, our knowledge of the brain has changed enormously over the centuries. You’ll discover how you learn and remember, how you can train your brain to work better, and the kinds of brain improvements that might be available in your future. So, come on in and investigate the most powerful and complex organ in your body. After all, it’s the one organ that makes you you!

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