The Book Of Blood
“From Legends And Leeches To Vampires And Veins”

Written in the same
vein as Newquist's award-winning The Great Brain Book, this look at blood explores the myths, the legends, and the very real science that have always surrounded the gallon of red, sticky liquid that courses through your body every minute of the day.

Readers will meet the doctors and scientists who have tried to unravel the secrets of blood for centuries, beasts who need to drink blood to live, the amazing things that blood does as it pulses alongs thousands of miles of vessels, and a few mythological creatures that might not be so mythical after all.

Out now with some great reviews:

KIRKUS REVIEWS writes: “Newquist expands considerably on the premise that “There is more to blood than that it’s red and kind of gross” without neglecting to keep the “kind of gross” parts in view. Along with a suitably gore-spattered parade of Aztec and other bloodthirsty gods and blood rituals throughout history, the author takes quick looks at various kinds of blood in the animal kingdom and at vampires in modern pop culture. He also recaps the development of our understanding of blood and the circulatory system from ancient times through the scientific revolution, and thence on to modern uses for blood in medicine and research. In considerably more detail, though, he tallies blood’s individual components and the specific functions of each in keeping our bodies alive and healthy. This transfusion of information offers a rewarding experience to readers whether they’re after the specific differences between blood types and other biological data or just gore’s icky lore. It's nicely enhanced by a generous array of photographs, microphotographs and artists’ renderings.”