SPEAKING Engagements

HP Newquist regularly speaks to groups about his books as well as about the process of writing. He has spoken at universities, business conferences, teacher's groups, and grade schools about subjects ranging from science and technology to modern music and education.

"I've been lucky enough to give speeches all over the world. Primarily on the subjects of my books, such as science and technology, occasionally on writing itself, and once in a while on the subject of music. It's always been interesting, and at times it's been a study in contrasts. At one end, I spoke to a group of bankers in Kuala Lumpur about advanced technology. On the distant other end, I spent an afternoon giving a lecture to West Virginia college kids on thinking machines. I've given briefings to executives at IBM, and I've told stories to first graders. It's made for some very interesting discussions: I once told a roomful of European business executives in Frankfurt that they were behind the times in technology, and then told a group of librarians in Arizona to expect that technology would change everything they ever knew.”

"I still do it on occasion, if there is an opportunity to share some of what I’ve learned over my years of writing. "

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