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This Will Kill You
"A Guide To The Ways In Which We Go"

Have you been attacked by an alligator? Been burned at the stake? Inhaled sarin gas? Been exposed to anthrax? No, you haven't, or you'd be dead.

This Will Kill You reveals the intriguing facts behind the many ways humans bite the dust in encounters with deadly bugs, hungry predators, natural disasters, and freak occurrences. Thoroughly researched and illustrated, not to mention thoroughly hilarious, this book describes in deathly detail what happens to the body when it’s struck by lightning, slimed by a dart frog, or flung from a mountaintop.

Written by HP Newquist and Rich Maloof, no other book has ever peeked under the Grim Reaper's robe in such a straightforward and irreverent way. With a foreword by Peter M. Fitzpatrick M.D. of the Mayo Clinic , an afterword by funeral director Bill McGuinness, lists of history’s most notable deaths, and a unique death rating system, everything you need to know about the ways in which we go are included in these pages.

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This Will Kill You: A Guide to the Ways in Which We Go

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This Will Kill You:

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