The Yahoo! Guide To The Internet

From Yahoo! comes the indispensable reference for getting the most of the Web without hours of searching.

Yahoo! The Ultimate Desk Reference to the Web is a book that teaches you how to use the Web effectively and then takes you where you want to go. Building on the Yahoo! principle of making the Web accessible to all users, this book selects sites for their content, longevity, usefulness and special features. Editor HP Newquist has worked with Yahoo! to save you thousands of hours of digging through cyberspace. Whether you're looking for airline tickets, free stuff, history sites, health facts, job leads, auction sites, or consumer reports, this book provides you with the most outstanding sites in an easy-to-use format. Over 1,000 entries covering the best the Web has to offer, including news, research, shopping, sports, entertainment, health, art, finance, government, travel, family, technology, science, architecture, homework, music, and an incredible amount of fun and intriguing information.

Includes authoritative surfing strategies, savvy insider tips, suggestions for enhancing your personal webpages, icons to help you easily identify website features, all the basics for new Internet users, and comprehensive site reviews.

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Published by Harper Collins.
Yahoo! The Ultimate Desk Reference to the Web features:

Authoritative surfing strategies
Savvy insider tips Suggestions for enhancing your personal webpages Icons to help you easily identify website features All the basics for new Internet users Comprehensive site reviews